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Your financial journey is one of life’s most important. It makes all other destinations possible. We believe no-one should set off on such a major expedition without an experienced and enthusiastic guide.

Ask any explorer and they’ll tell you the most important stage is planning. That’s why we take time to sit down with you and find out about your aspirations, your business, your family responsibilities... What do you want to achieve? What other journeys need to be taken into account? What are the practical reasons for making decisions? What are the emotional ones?

Introducing our Financial Expedition Service

Financial Expedition


We meet to explain our approach and find out if there is enough common ground to work together.


When can I retire?
How much is enough?

This depends on your future plans,  how much do you need to make your future look great. What holidays will you take and how will you fill your time. Once we know that we can start building the plan. 

Where do I invest to support my future?

What return do you need to ensure you have enough? How much risk are you prepared to take and do you have the capacity to take it? Once we understand that we can start building a portfolio to meet your goals.

How do I use the capital in my
business tax efficiently to fund my future?

Planning ahead can help you move money out of your business into investments that can support your retirement when you are ready.

Can I afford to support my children financially? Will it dilute their aspirations?

We can run the numbers to confirm affordability, planning ahead can ease the burden of school fees and future costs. Structuring plans effectively can help gve you control.

I have got several pension plans. What will they give me in retirement?

This is common problem for people who have had several jobs. Part of our expedition service will         review your plans and help you understand what they will provide.

How do I pass more of my money onto my loved ones and save tax?

Thoughtful proactive planning can help you leave your assets to the ones you love making sure you pay as little tax as possible.

What do I have to sell my business for and how do I make sure my family has enough if I die? 

Working alongside business owners we make sure that they fully

understand their numbers and that any business

interests are protected and adequate provision is in place.

I've managed my own investments but I'm not sure if I'm making the right decisions?

Our review process will help you understand if you are making the right design on risk, and investing to meet your goals and objectives.

We really appreciate how much time and energy it takes to build material success.

Our job is to help you achieve your dreams in all aspects of your life. The Octagon eight-step approach allows us to create a bespoke financial route (we don’t do off the shelf), designed to free up time and ensure you get to wherever you want to be.

Face the future with confidence, and  start planning today.

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“Having grown our business from scratch it became vital to look at succession planning for the business.


Our previous adviser couldn’t fully understand the significance of this to us but following meetings with Octagon it became obvious that they were different.


  They helped me understand my options and how my personal wealth and business wealth were linked and what I needed to do to ensure financial independence and the future that we wanted for myself and my family.


They focused on ensuring full understanding of both our objectives and emotions relating to this task, together with the hard plan of action required to achieve the outcome, being kept fully informed at all times which proved invaluable.” 

—  Martin Talbot

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