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September Insight - A View From The Summit

A warm welcome to our September edition of A View from the Summit.

For those of you who managed to get away on holiday, we hope you had an enjoyable break.

While 2020 has presented many challenges, there have been some positives. For many working from home has offered people a better work-life balance allowing them to spend less time commuting and more time with their family or doing activities they enjoy.

Another upside has been the number of people enjoying exercise from cycling, running or enjoying a walk in your local surroundings.Of course, Octagon can help with financial planning and make sure plans are in place to enjoy your savings and offer security throughout your life. However, while financial security is essential, you cannot enjoy that financial security without your health.

Our blog post this month looks at ways you can introduce exercise into your life and enjoy the benefits of exercise. There is extensive research on the mental health benefits of exercise, plus it can offer people a hobby and social contact.

Exercise does not have to be just running or going to the gym, playing golf, cycling, ballroom dancing, yoga or walking in the countryside are all great ways of enjoying activity.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog, and of course, please feel free to tell us about any of your tips or sports you enjoy and that have got you into regular exercise.

Finally, over the next few months, we will introduce members of the team so you can learn a little more about the people who work at Octagon.

This month it is Nicola Moller and Helen Snell.

Nicola has been with Octagon since the start and provides support to Luke and his clients.

Favourite Meal – My favourite meal is any pudding that goes with custard

Favourite Holiday Destination – Cornwall

Dream Dinner Guests - Jane Austen, Victor Borge, Victoria Wood and Charles Darwin.

Helen has been with Octagon 4 years and provides support to Richard and his clients.

Favourite Holiday Destination -  Amsterdam and Trinidad in Cuba

Favourite Food - Chocolate

Dream Dinner Guests - Kelly Hoppen, Ricky Gervais,Fred Sirieix and Jennifer Anniston

This article does not constitute advice. 

Anyone considering any form of financial planning should seek independent financial advice. Octagon Consultancy Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You should note that the FCA does not regulate tax advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

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