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March Insight – A View From the Summit

A warm welcome to our March Insight. A lot seems to have happened since we posted our last update. At that time, the weather was freezing cold, and we still had no light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel. Well, thankfully, a lot has changed since then; we have just enjoyed a weekend with sunshine and warmer weather as we approach spring, and we have a road map out of lockdown.

I'm sure we are all keeping our fingers crossed that Boris's plan to lift lockdown entirely by the 21st of June stays on track and that the data keeps moving in the right direction. It seems hard to imagine returning to normal life as we have become so accustomed to living under some restrictions now for 12 months.

As we have mentioned before, the lockdown has given us all time to reflect and maybe consider what we would like from life. We have also probably enjoyed a slower pace of life and enjoyed a bit more exercise than usual. When life does return to normal, it will be interesting to see how we all adapt, and we may continue to enjoy some of the aspects of lockdown, notably less commuting and more time at home with our families.

This months blog tells is "The Story of The Mexican Fisherman" it a great story of how simple life can be a happy one, and we may already have many of the things we need to be happy. Hopefully, the story will act as a prompt to remind you of what is important and what makes you happy.

We hope you enjoy reading the blog; please share it with family and friends and let us know what you think.

The Octagon Team

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