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April Insight – A View From The Summit

A warm welcome to our April Insight. We trust you had an enjoyable Easter break. Apologies, we are slightly later this month than usual, but we have been dealing with the end of the tax year, which coincided with the bank holiday weekend.

It feels like the anticipated return to normality in 2021 will not happen as quickly as we may have hoped. The vaccine programme in the UK has been highly successful, and the reduction in cases and deaths gives us hope that we can get back to some normality in the next few months. Holidays abroad still may have to wait but just being able to spend some time with family and friends feels like a real blessing.

I think we have all learnt from the pandemic that we cannot predict anything with certainty, and while normality will return at some point, it is not easy to predict when that will be.

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, and many believe it will continue beyond the current restrictions. No doubt the move to online shopping will grow as the traditional high street is squeezed, pubs and bars will probably continue to offer table service which many of us prefer. Another change is the lack of physical money being used, many transactions are contactless payments now, and we don't seem to visit cashpoints as much as we once did.

The movement to contactless payments also coincides with the rise of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance. Our monthly blog looks at Cryptocurrencies and how they may or may not be part of the future of currency.

Please share the blog with friends and family who may be interested, and of course, if you know anyone who would like guidance with their financial planning needs, please let us know.

Best wishes

The Octagon Team

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