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7 Ways to Introduce Exercise Into Your Life

1 – Be Realistic – If you have not exercised for a while, don’t set unrealistic goals. The reality is you are not going to go from little exercise to running 20 or 30 miles in a week. Decide what is achievable in the first few weeks stick to it and gradually increase the distance or frequency as you start to improve your fitness. The Couch to 5K is a great starting place -


2 – Do something you enjoy – If you’ve never enjoyed running it is unlikely that running will get you back into exercise, consider something you enjoy and move onto something more challenging as your fitness improves.

3 – Consistency vs Intensity - You will be far better served by doing 3 or 4 bits of moderate exercise a week rather than one high-intensity piece of exercise every 2 to 3 weeks. If you can burn a few hundred extra calories every day regularly, you will be amazed at the impact over the longer term.

4 – Use Technology – fitness trackers which monitor the number of steps you do daily and how many calories burn are excellent tools to get in the habit of regular exercise and help you track your progress. Also, electric bikes allow you to cycle without having to worry about the hills; you can plan a day on the bike, knowing you will always be able to get home.

5 – Join A Club – whatever you fancy doing, you can be pretty sure there will be a local club that will help you explore a new challenge. Clubs will have a variety of ability levels and will be keen to welcome new members into the fold.

6 – Stand up and Walk More – standing up regularly helps burn more calories plus it’s better for your back and posture over the long term. Also, try walking a bit further, if that means getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier or going for a daily walk, each mile burns 88 calories.

7 – Just Do It – we can quickly come up with excuses of not wanting to exercise, however, its mind over matter, focus and go out and do what you planned to do. You will always come back feeling better and glad that you made an effort rather than feeling guilty.

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