Tax, Trust & Estate Planning

Tax planning 

Whether you are interested in tax planning for personal or business purposes, our knowledgeable planners can provide information on all of the latest tax legislation and suggest appropriate routes for you to take.

Through careful planning and the use of tax–efficient investment vehicles, we can design financial strategies for you which have the potential to make significant savings.

We can recommend simple investments like ISAs and pensions or very complex schemes like Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts to help with tax planning; it all depends on your needs and requirements.

Trust planning

We can look at the use of trusts to help protect assets or to direct money to those you wish to benefit as well as identify and help minimise the tax liability on your estate.

Estate planning

Many of us want to leave or pass on our wealth to those people or charities who matter the most to us, either during or after our lives,. Having a well-managed estate can save time and legal costs over the longer-term and help avoid a large Inheritance Tax bill for those you leave behind.

We can help you understand issues such as:

If making gifts during your lifetime are affordable while still retaining sufficient capital to cope with the unforeseen – such as residential nursing home fees?

How you can efficiently distribute your estate to those detailed in your Will or other beneficiaries during your life.

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