Investment Management

Appropriate investment is vital to your future financial plans. We enable our clients to manage risk, build and maintain well-diversified investment portfolios by working with a select number of market leading research and investment specialists. This enables us to lever on their experience and large research teams to deliver exceptional investment solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Our independent status allows us to access the whole of the market to select appropriate solutions.

Every investment decision has an element of risk. We aim to achieve consistent, competitive returns on your investments, whilst being mindful of these risks.

We use our expertise to find the right blend between investment performance and long-term financial security. We do this by aligning our investment decisions with your risk tolerances and then actively monitoring performance. You will be kept informed of the progress of your portfolio on a regular basis.

We believe that an investment portfolio should typically:

  • Focus on minimising risk, for the level of targeted return.
  • Have an investment process that is well defined, consistent and repeatable and not overly reliant on tactical decisions or key individuals.
  • Avoid short-term tactical investment selection processes and market timing strategies because of the difficulty in controlling risk.
  • Be regularly reviewed to ensure that it has an asset allocation that is suitable and effective in meeting your risk and return objectives.
  • Where possible, be implemented via a platform to facilitate ease of access, change, and administration as well as ease of reporting for you.

Attitude to risk

Should it be appropriate to make an investment recommendation for you, we will need to assess and understand your attitude to investment risk. We consider your circumstances, objectives, timeframe and investment experience, together with:

  • How much investment risk you need to take to meet your objectives
  • How you would feel if your investments lost money
  • How your lifestyle would be affected if the value of your investments fall.

In order to assess and manage investment risk there is a four-step process which is highlighted in the diagram below. The purpose of this process is to help you understand the risk associated with investing and, together with your adviser, help you to choose the right level of risk for each individual investment or goal.

Your planner will talk to you further about risk should investment advice be required. To start this process, we use a simple questionnaire. We will discuss the outcomes of this with you and work to understand how much risk you are prepared to take. We can then recommend investments that match this risk.


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