Geoff Endicott

How did you come to use Octagon Consultancy’s services?

“Two and a half years ago I retired and thought it was an appropriate time to seek financial advice as I had received a redundancy payment and also was eligible to begin claiming my pension. I knew a close friend and golfing buddy who worked for Octagon Consultancy – both have a good reputation.”

What made you decide to use Octagon Consultancy?

“A large contributing factor in my decision to use Octagon Consultancy was that they are a well-established and reputable firm. Anyone investing money wants to be reassured that they are in safe hands and are dealing with trustworthy people, Octagon Consultancy provides all of these things. I have dealt with many of the staff in the office, all whom have been exceptionally friendly, understanding and knowledgeable.”

Were you offered appropriate solutions to meet your individual financial requirements?

“Octagon carried out an in-depth fact finding session, which determined my risk appetite, preferred investment term and long term financial goals. Once this was completed we could then explore a variety of investments.

The team conducted a comprehensive Q&A session to determine which investment portfolios best suited me. A number of suitable solutions were presented to me and the pros and cons of each explained clearly. After a series of discussions between members of the Octagon team and myself we were able to determine the route most appropriate to my requirements.”

Specifically how have these solutions helped you?

“I err on the side of caution, so for this reason decided to opt for a 5 year low to medium risk investment. Over the duration of my investment the returns I have received from Octagon Consultancy have exceeded my expectations, leaving me pleasantly surprised.

Octagon Consultancy have made me aware of the new options that are now available to add funds to NISAs. This opportunity will greatly enhance my tax efficiencies and I will be meeting with them soon to discuss this further.”

Do you feel information was presented in a clear and fair manner?

“Octagon did and continue to present all of their findings, advice and recommendations clearly and accurately. I imagine they could easily overwhelm clients with technical jargon, however they go out of their way to ensure I fully understand all of their suggestions and the outcomes to expect from them.

I am regularly emailed with the latest information on my investments and receive their informative newsletter every quarter. They have made me feel that they are only a phone call away, the team are really approachable and are always at hand if I have any queries. They provide excellent customer service and are highly customer focused.”

Do you feel you were adequately consulted by Octagon?

“I am often contacted about my investments, as well as being consulted at the initial investment stage I have regular involvement in all investment processes and decisions.”

Do you feel Octagon Consultancy are experienced in providing financial advice?

Are you happy with the result of Octagon Consultancy’s work?

“Everything has been set out very clearly during my time with Octagon. They have never been pushy, they always truly provide a consultation. Their office definitely isn’t a high pressure sales environment. They outline all eventualities - what could, might or will happen in the future.

I embarked on a 5 year investment plan – I haven’t touched any of the investment so far. Annual reviews are an excellent opportunity for me and the team to evaluate the performance of my portfolio together. It gives Octagon a chance to discuss with me in person the options available to me should I want to change, move or terminate investments.”

Would you recommend our services to others?

“Yes – I’ve already referred several friends to Octagon Consultancy.”

Do you have any other comments you’d like to add?

“I’m extremely satisfied with the service and investment planning I have received from Octagon – I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

A Final Word ...

“I’m extremely satisfied with the service and investment planning I have received from Octagon – I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

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